Significant contribution by Statica to the cultural and artistic life

Significant contribution by Statica to the cultural and artistic life


Oğuz Altuğ Aksaray, Co-founder of Statica, stated that they are very proud to take part in this project, which they think will stand out with its architectural features as well as its cultural and artistic value and sait: “Our biggest reference is that the projects of which we are solution partners turn from dreams into reality and continue to exist as living spaces.” said. Pointing out that the challenging part of the project is the analysis of the steel shell, Aksaray stated that different types of software needs arose because it is extremely difficult to define the shape of the steel shell and to model it closest to the real situation. “With the help of Rhino and Grasshopper software, the structural supporting system of the architectural shape was modeled perfectly. I would like to thank our valuable team for making a difference with their knowledge and experience in this project.” said.

- The building has a hybrid structural system composed of underground and above-ground internal R / C building and an outer envelope roof made of steel glass and fibro cement grid shell. The overall plan dimensions are approximately 72 m. x 35 m and the total height of the building is 23 m.

- The R / C structure is composed of 4 floors and 2 basement floors.

- On the basement floors, there are parking areas, utility rooms, potable water tanks and a rainwater storage tank.

- At the main entrance of building, there is an ornate foyer area that welcomes the audience. The steel shell has windows just upon the foyer area and it makes majestic sunlight reflection to the foyer.

- There are two audience seats, one is at the stage level and the other is just above it. Thanks to its compact design, it is aimed that the audience to feel themselves in the theater play.

- There are VIP seats on the balcony, which are accessible only by certain elevators for the VIP audience. There are guest resting rooms for the VIP near the VIP balcony.

- There is also a restaurant and bar to serve the audience a delicious and elegant meal.